Repayoo technology is based on artificial intelligence and automated learning, where the algorithm learns to replicate successful strategies and select the most effective communication paths for recovering late payments.
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Data analytics

An algorithm that individually processes various characteristics of a defaulting customer. Based on these characteristics, various patterns of behavior are identified and the type of debtors is refined.

Customer data

Customer data provides insights into consumer behavior and identifies systematic patterns of behavior that can be used to identify communication channels.

Data from third countries

Data from credit institutions helps you better understand the solvency of your defaulting customer. This allows us to offer possible individual solutions.

Digital data

The data obtained provides additional information about your client’s socio-economic status, as well as being used to tailor connections during the debt reminder process.

Repayoo process

Today’s customers seek authentic and personal communication. Artificial intelligence and learning from a large amount of data gives us insights into customer needs, which we adapt by selecting the most effective communication channels and determining the time and frequency of messages to reach debtors quickly.
Repayoo process

Consumer behavioral analysis and debtor profiling

Optimal contact with the client is determined based on the findings of behavioral research. During the interaction, the algorithm individually adjusts the communication based on the customer’s response until a final agreement is reached with your customer.

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Great job! The debt that has not been paid for many years has been recovered quickly and professionally. Thanks to Repayoo lawyers for advice and help.

Mindflow, LLCSaulius G.

The debt collection price corresponds to the quality of services received. Thanks for arranging payment plans that helped to recover long-overdue debts.

Design analytics, LLCDovile K.

When I do business, I often run into overdue bills. Borrowers are avoiding me to communicate or otherwise, ignoring me. After the debt was entrusted to Repayoo, it was recovered promptly. I recommend!

Aidas FarmingAidas M.

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