Administration and control of business accounts and debts

Preventive stamp

A preventive stamp is a subtle reminder to your client that the debt management company is monitoring the fulfillment of financial obligations. This is the most appropriate measure to encourage the debtor to fulfill his obligations properly and in a timely manner. The preventive stamp informs that if the obligations are not fulfilled or the bills are not paid on time and properly, their administration will be entrusted to professionals. Repayoo ensures reliable control of debts, contracts and unpaid bills.

Bills paid on time

Use the Repayoo preventive stamp to mark all the invoices, contracts, and settlement documents you send to your customers and you will see that working capital begins to return much faster. You can also use the electronic version of the stamp.

It is important to maintain consistency, that is why all unpaid bills marked with preventive stamp should be transferred for recovery immediately.

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Timely commitments

Our preventive stamp on your documents will warn partners or customers to fulfill their obligations in a timely and proper manner. Using the preventive stamp service will significantly reduce the number of overdue bills.

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